Why Your Amazon Alexa Gadget Is Flashing Yellow, And What It Means

If the sunshine ring on high of your Alexa system begins flashing yellow, that implies that you at the moment have unread messages or notifications in your Alexa inbox. It might be a message from one among your Alexa-registered contacts, a system replace that Alexa wants to tell you about, or only a notification on one among your Amazon orders. Both means, regardless of what the considerably alarming shade selection might indicate, that is all it’s: messages. By the way, older variations of Alexa gadgets would flash inexperienced if you had an incoming message or name, however that was modified in an replace round 2017.

To truly examine your messages and switch the yellow mild off, all you want to do is immediate Alexa to take action. You might say “Alexa, what messages do I’ve?” or “Alexa, what are my notifications?” When you have both, she is going to learn them out to you, then flip the sunshine off.