Why Ford Discontinued The Well-known Crown Victoria

The Panther platform that the Crown Victoria rode on, together with the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Towncar first debuted in 1979, that means that it was getting actually lengthy within the tooth because the 2010s approached. As dependable and rocksteady because the Crown Victoria was, it was decidedly previous know-how. It was body-on-frame like a sedan from Nineteen Seventies and nonetheless used a V8 many years after your common automotive began utilizing extra environment friendly V6s, four-cylinders, and turbocharging. In comparison with the remainder of Ford’s lineup, it was positively historic. In a world of EcoBoosts, the Crown Vic could not be round for much longer.

Ford’s remaining blow to the Crown Victoria was the closure of the St. Thomas Meeting in Ontario, Canada. This plant served as the house of the Crown Victoria for all of its manufacturing run. The ultimate Crown Victoria rolled off the road on September fifteenth, 2011. With the plant closed, the Crown Victoria was no extra. 

As early as 2006, Ford was beginning to put off the Crown Victoria. It simply did not have a spot in Ford’s plans for the longer term. Taking a look at Ford’s present choices of SUVs, electrical automobiles, vans, and the Mustang, it would be powerful to see a giant rear-wheel drive sedan becoming in in any respect, as enjoyable as that might be.