The Story Behind Chrysler’s Nuclear Tank That By no means Was

Extremely, Chrysler did handle to provide a useful prototype of the TV-8, with one crucial caveat — it wasn’t really nuclear powered. Though the prototype did sport a pair of electrical motors — similar to these meant for a nuclear-powered model — the electrical energy was offered by a standard V8 engine and generator. Apparently, Chrysler wasn’t prepared to totally decide to messing with a nuclear reactor till the Protection Division signed off on the opposite design points of the TV-8.

Chrysler’s determination to maintain the atomic side of the TV-8 theoretical was a sensible one, as a result of the Military didn’t in truth undertake the design. Throughout testing, it was decided that the wild TV-8 simply did not supply a major benefit over extra typical tanks, together with these already in service.

The truth that the TV-8 by no means made it previous the gasoline-powered prototype stage poses some attention-grabbing questions. With the USA’ victory of World Conflict II and having fun with a strong post-war economic system, how effectively thought out have been the Military’s spendy nuclear dalliances? Was consideration given to nuclear fallout affecting the tank’s crew or surrounding space if the TV-8’s reactor was broken? Would there be a duty to recuperate disabled tanks to keep away from potential long-lasting contamination?

We’ll by no means understand how effectively thought out the nuclear technique was. Within the ensuing a long time, curiosity in nuclear-powered something began to wane following a few high-profile energy plant accidents just like the Chernobyl catastrophe, and Three Mile Island in the USA.