The Digital Warfare Airplane Designed To Jam Enemy Alerts

Ravens, after all, are properly often known as the highly-intelligent tricksters of the animal kingdom. EF-111A Raven, then, is a really acceptable title for a warplane that had a singular position: a cell sign jammer. The story of the Raven begins with that of the Aardvark. The F-111 Aardvark was a really completely different animal, each actually and figuratively. 

Per Imperial Warfare Museums curator Emily Charles, the Aardvark was “produced within the Nineteen Sixties … designed to be a fighter for the U.S. Air Power and the U.S. Navy.” The undertaking price a cool $75 million, however in the long run, the F-111 wasn’t suited to the position it was supposed for. It was in the end utilized by the USA Air Power as a bomber, and a potent one at that. 

Charles goes on to clarify the way it earned its nickname: “its capability to fly near the bottom with terrain-tracking radar gave its title ‘the Aardvark,’ an African mammal which sniffs alongside the bottom attempting to find meals.” The EF-111A Raven didn’t have the formidable ordinance that its ground-sniffing predecessor did. It was created within the following decade, it appears, as a modified F-111 with a extra refined but equally doubtlessly highly effective goal: jamming essential enemy communication and navigation.