Sonic Weapons Defined: How Do They Work, And What Are They Used For?

As former U.S. military sergeant Herb Friedman put it, noise has at all times been utilized in warfare “to threaten the enemy and lift the morale of your individual individuals.” Although this certainly had an influence, issues modified when expertise allowed for the usage of literal sonic-based weaponry.

One of many first such fashionable weapons was deployed by america navy with the “Lengthy-Vary Acoustic System” — or LRAD. This weapon noticed use throughout the struggle in Iraq within the mid-2000s, and will reportedly blast waves of sound at volumes approaching 150 decibels. Based on the CDC, that is about as intense because the sound of a firecracker, able to damaging ears and inflicting ache.

An LRAD seems to be like a easy speaker, and can be utilized in loudhailer/megaphone vogue. Nevertheless, it can be set to manage a robust, centered blast of sound in a selected space. With sound, it is the depth — quite than quantity — that’s key, and that is the place this horrible weapon excels. Audio producer Cory Choy described to Widespread Mechanics in an interview that being uncovered to an LRAD was like “the sound equal of trying into the solar … horrible, nauseating ache.”

The human ear may be very delicate to sounds between 2000 Hertz and 4000 Hertz. Consequently, the LRAD operates on this specific area. The dispersal of sound signifies that it’s simplest in a slender space, however the concentrated wrath of such an LRAD weapon is fearsome.