In the present day’s Wordle Reply #601 – February 10, 2023 Answer And Hints

In case you’re nonetheless not sure, the reply you are on the lookout for is “heady.” One thing’s heady if it is exhilarating or intoxicating, however an individual is heady in the event that they’re cussed or, in one other context, able to making a great judgment. The phrase is derived from the foundation noun “head,” which is from Outdated English “heafod,” actually that means “prime of the physique” or “higher finish of a slope,” itself from the Proto-Germanic “haubid” (by way of Etymonline).

“Heady” just isn’t an unpopular phrase, but it surely does pale in utilization frequency when in comparison with the origin phrase “head.” Other than its widespread use to check with the chief a part of a physique, it is also the idea of a number of widespread idioms. For instance, you “have a great head in your shoulders” in the event you’re wise and clever, which implies that’s synonymous with right this moment’s Wordle reply. You are “burying your head within the sand” in the event you refuse to face a truth or actuality as a result of it is disagreeable.

There are numerous different “head-y” idioms that are not precisely as widespread as these. Here is one fascinating instance you may discover a use for: if somebody is going through imminent hazard or mishap, you may say “Damocles’ sword hangs over their head,” in response to The Free Dictionary. In Greek mythology, Damocles was a courtier who swapped locations with the king for a day however needed to sit beneath a sword suspended by a single hair; the lesson being that energy, though heady, has its personal perils.

We hope you discover this text early sufficient to complete your puzzle earlier than you run out of guesses, and this is a information that can assist you enhance your Wordle gameplay going ahead. Now that you have conquered this problem, you may attempt your palms at extra video games like Wordle to maintain the enjoyable going.