Does Chilly Climate Harm Or Assist Tesla Batteries? This New Examine Discovered The Reply

When the exterior temperature decreases, the speed at which chemical reactions happen in battery cells tends to lower as properly. Lithium plating, a often encountered battery degradation situation ensuing from high-current charging in low temperatures, is extensively acknowledged as probably the most extreme growing older course of in Li-ion batteries. This phenomenon, occurring at low temperatures, considerably diminishes the quantity of cyclable Lithium.

Nonetheless, the impression of sizzling temperatures on EV batteries is harsher. Not solely does it velocity up the method of chemical degradation, however the added load of cooling the automotive is an additional stress, bringing down the battery life cycle and driving vary as a web cumulative impact. These info additionally clarify why Tesla automobiles fared higher at staying near the marketed vary in colder climates in comparison with sizzling and humid areas.

The most recent research additionally heaps reward on Tesla automobiles for the environment friendly thermal system that kicks into motion relying on exterior temperature variations. Curiously, it really works on a regular basis, not solely when the automotive is being charged. To be extra particular, it’s truly the passive cooling system that’s at all times practical and protects the battery when uncovered to low-temperature situations.