At the moment’s Wordle Reply #633 – March 14, 2023 Answer And Hints

The answer to immediately’s Wordle puzzle (#633 — March 14, 2023 ) is surly. Surliness is a menacing, bitter character or look or a haughty, gruff demeanor. Surprisingly, the phrase initially meant lordly or majestic, or actually “like a sir,” as a result of it was derived from “sir” or “sire,” that are titles used to handle males of authority. Per Etymonline, “sire” itself is from the Outdated French phrase of the identical spelling, which meant “lord,” or from Latin “senior,” which means older or elder. 

Merriam-Webster notes that the evolution of the phrase “surly” to its present which means in all probability owes to the truth that males of rank or place had been recognized for smug or domineering habits. It took 4 tries to unriddle the puzzle immediately — we went with “juice” as our beginning phrase, and that turned one tile inexperienced. We bought smarter after the second guess “dummy,” and the answer grew to become clear after the third guess “nutty.” We hope you might have higher luck.