As we speak’s Wordle Reply #591 – January 31, 2023 Resolution And Hints

If the answer continues to be a thriller, the reply you search is “cross.” Aside from the utilization contexts we have talked about above, the British use the phrase to imply irritated or irritated about one thing. In animal husbandry, a cross is an animal or plant ensuing from cross-breeding. In soccer, a cross is a go made throughout the sphere into the middle, near the objective of the opposing staff (by way of Merriam-Webster).

Per Etymonline, the origin of the phrase is Outdated English “cros,” which referred to the instrument of Christ’s crucifixion. It’s in all probability based mostly on Outdated Irish “cros” and Latin “crux,” which initially meant a tall, spherical pole, however went on to imply a stake on which criminals have been hanged or impaled. Later, the phrase gained the figurative meanings of “bother,” or “distress.”

Our first guess at the moment was WordleBot’s once-recommended beginning phrase, “crane,” which fortunately contained two of the 5 letters within the profitable phrase, and within the right positions, too. It solely took two guesses after that to crack the code.