10 Most Harmful Idea Autos Of All Time

Swiss design studio Rinspeed has been accountable for among the most outlandish idea automobiles ever to grace the auto present circuit, however none of them are fairly as harmful because the oddly-named Tatooo.com. The idea is not only a single automobile however reasonably two, the principle automobile being a pickup truck with a crane within the mattress. It’s kind of ugly, maybe, however nothing life-threatening. The identical can’t be mentioned, nevertheless, for the motorized scooter mounted to the again of the truck, which Rinspeed named the Respiratory Remark Bubble, or B.O.B. for brief. Rinspeed’s┬ápress launch describes it as, “a very new diving equipment,” for the reason that scooter is designed to dive as much as 30 ft underwater.

The diver is meant to place their head contained in the helmet that is mounted to the physique of the scooter, with the helmet trapping an air bubble in order that the diver’s head can transfer round freely. There is not any mouthpiece, however reasonably a small bottle of compressed air that Rinspeed claims will present sufficient oxygen within the helmet bubble for as much as an hour of diving. Even for knowledgeable divers, diving whereas having your head caught in an unsealed scooter helmet looks like a really unhealthy thought. The actually alarming factor, nevertheless, is that Rinspeed envisions that “newcomers” may even have the ability to use it. It is best not to consider how these newcomers would fare if the bubble bursts they usually’re abruptly underwater with out oxygen.